Top 7 Ways to Improve Retention

Take Steps to Cut Costly Turnover 

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Here's a sample:

  1. Don’t stop developing. People who feel they are still learning tend to stay put. The report highlights a key area to focus your development efforts.
  2. Quantify what you hear. The report discusses why you need to quantify the anecdotal information gained from surveys and exit interviews, and how that can help you get more resources to improve retention.
  3. Have a good plan for bad managers. Some talented individuals can’t connect with their direct reports. Learn where to re-focus those managers, instead of losing their core talents and knowledge.

Want a hit list to jump-start employee retention ideas? SilkRoad partnered with David Creelman, noted HR expert, on 7 Ways to Improve Employee Retention.These entertaining, thought-provoking and, hopefully, inspirational ideas will get you started quickly.

When it comes to employee retention, the question isn’t “why?” The real question is “how?” What can you do to hold on to the people who give you a competitive edge?

David Creelman has done all the research for you. In his report, you’ll find seven practical tips that can inspire your vision and guide your actions to improve retention and hold down turnover-related costs.