State of Social Technology and Talent Management

Social technology is one of the hottest topics of discussion this year in the media, the executive suite, and across office cubes, as companies look for powerful ways to spark innovation and motivate employees. Social platforms are sprouting up in key areas of talent management— recruiting, hiring, learning, employee engagement, and organizational alignment. As a result, talent management professionals of all stripes are being pressured to assess, justify, or implement social technology initiatives.

In a recent SilkRoad survey, we wanted to understand how organizations are using or planning to use social technology, especially for talent management: the effectiveness of their existing efforts, their level of satisfaction, the tools and benchmarks they use, the challenges they face, and their goals for the future. This research report shares the results of that survey, along with insights that help professionals understand the “social” approaches used in other organizations. In many instances, we’ve blended survey results with information derived from other industry sources to give greater context to our analysis.

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A SilkRoad TalentTalk Research Report